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Join a vibrant community championing conservative values and policies in San Diego. We bring together leaders, activists, and citizens committed to limited government, personal responsibility, and robust national defense.

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When it comes to putting Republican ideas into action, the Republican Party of San Diego County gets it done, bringing together Republican activists, business leaders, candidates, and elected officials to advance conservative principles at all levels of government in San Diego County.

Protecting the most vulnerable among us, including the pre-born, providing school choice, lower taxes, constitutionally limited and accountable government, personal responsibility, strong faith institutions, and advocating for a strong national defense are some of our priorities.

The Republican Party welcomes everyone, with many ways to get involved: through our Republican clubs, our bi-monthly meeting that draws hundreds of people from across the county, and volunteer opportunities to help our Republican ticket come election time.

Welcome to Team Freedom!

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Join hands with us to shape a future that reflects our core values and principles. Your involvement is crucial in driving meaningful change within our community.

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Your contribution will benefit the Republican Party of San Diego County and help us protect the border through public education, policy advocacy, and supporting candidates committed to border security.

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